IME Services

A multi-disciplinary panel of Board Certified Physicians available in offices throughout New Jersey and Pennsylvania. Direct Access provides easy access and convenience of scheduling directly with the physicians office. No middle man. Our providers will determine an accurate diagnosis and make recommendations for ongoing treatment. In addition, we will address any other issues relevant to the case, such as causality, reasonableness of care or medical necessity.

Benefits to you

  • Direct scheduling with physicians office; No middle man
  • 11 convenient locations throughout New Jersey and Pennsylvania
    We have 2 locations in Bucks County Pennsylvania, locations in Camden County New Jersey, Union County New Jersey, Mercer County New Jersey, 2 locations in Monmouth County New Jersey, Burlington County New Jersey, and three locations in Middlesex County New Jersey.
  • Saturday appointments available
  • Saves your company MONEY
  • Confirmation letters with color photos and detailed driving directions sent to patients as well as confirmation phone calls performed
  • Same-day fax report with initial impressions
  • Immediate notice by fax for “no show” claimants
  • Expedited (24-48 hour) report service

Chart Review

The primary benefit of this comprehensive, pre-IME record review is to determine the medical-legal issues in question. Frequently, the claimants file can be complex and lengthy, so organizing the documents ahead of time will maximize the time and expertise of the reviewing physician. The results of this review will often determine the most appropriate specialist for the review and the necessity of ancillary testing.

Types of Reviews

Independent Medical Reviews

An independent Medical Review is a process where expert independent medical professionals are selected to review specific medical decisions made by the insurance company or employer regarding claims determinations. These reviews determine treatment guidelines regarding:

  • Medical necessity
  • Experimental/Investigational
  • Administrative/Plan Language
  • Facility or Out-Patient Length of Stay

Types of Independent Medical Reviews

  • External Reviews (Level 3)
  • Internal Reviews (Level 1 and 2)

Peer Reviews

A Medical Peer Review is a process whereby providers evaluate the quality of work performed by their colleagues, in order to determine compliance with accepted health care standards. This review is generally a retrospective consideration by a medical professional of equal standard.

Utilization Reviews

A Utilization Review is a type of review performed to determine the necessary, appropriate, and efficient allocation of health care resources and services given or proposed to be given to a patient. Review may be conducted concurrently or retrospectively. This process uses objective clinical criteria to ensure that the services are medically necessary and provided at the appropriate level of care.

Workers’ Compensation – Utilization and Peer Reviews

The reasonableness or necessity of all treatment provided by a health care provider under Workers’ Compensation act may be subject to prospective, concurrent, or retrospective utilization review at the request of an employee, employer, or insurer.